"I am not what Happened to me,
I am what I Choose to become"

~ Carl Jung

We have made it to 2022!

Keep challenging yourself to think better,
do better, and be better.

~ Robin S Sharma


Welcome to 2022

Let’s take it one step at a time!

Welcome to a new year with all the opportunities and challenges it will offer!

I completely understand if you are entering this year with a little apprehension – I am too.  Based on the last couple of years all we are certain of is that, well, there are no certainties in life!

My challenge to you: take 2022 one step at a time, and strive for better!

These are my ideas on what we can focus on; for a better 2022:

B   Balance and Boundaries
E   Empathy; for self and others (functional and healthy empathy)
T   Thoughts; thoughts become words, words become actions.
T   Thankfulness: practicing gratitude.
E   Enthusiasm, empowerment and encouragement.
R   Resilience (one of the secrets to a happy life).

I am looking forward to working with you this year, to make 2022 just that bit better!

Anything is possible

Resilience and adaptability are key to success in our new reality. Interpersonal dynamics are continually evolving. We’ve been thrown into isolation in both our personal and professional lives. This new reality demands that we recalibrate how we are working. And this is only possible through a keen understanding of self.

With difficulty comes the opportunity to grow. Now more than ever, I believe anything is possible!

Routes Coaching is here to help you succeed in the new reality; working with you to remove the barriers, allowing others to see your value.

Not only individuals have had to adapt, but companies around the world too. Increase team productivity and unlock the value of your people. 

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