2020 Vision

We will remember the year 2020 for its uncertainty and unpredictability. Who would’ve thought a virus would lock down countries and bring economies to a standstill? Who could have imagined the horrific and traumatic impact it has had on communities and individuals?

All our lives are forever changed.

But I have also seen 2020 bring renewed vigour and determination in both my clients and myself. I have seen the growth brought about by a positive approach, an open mind and a willingness to fearlessly embrace change. I have guided clients to not only survive, but to thrive and reach their goals in these unprecedented times. 

My Thoughts

Is This The Real Life? Is This Just Fantasy?

Sound familiar? The opening lines of the Queen classic, Bohemian Rhapsody could not ring truer in 2020 amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

When Google Doesn't Have The Answers

I was recently working with a client who was battling to answer a series of probing questions to establish her personal differentiator. At our next session, she stated: "Not even Google could help me answer your question. I had to think of the answer myself."

What Are You Most Passionate About

Passion will keep you in the game much longer than talent, sheer hard work, or experise. Knowing your passion is a key part of your Personal Brand.