Understanding Self

Your Routes Coaching journey will always start with understanding self. To understand yourself and your way of thinking is one of the most underrated skills in life. Be it in personal or business relationships, Routes Coaching can help you gain insight into your way of thinking, doing and believing.

With the benefit of the world-renowned NBI® (Neethling Brain Instruments) assessments, your thinking preferences can be accurately measured. With this insight, Routes Coaching can guide you on the path to success.

The Neethling Brain Instruments®

What is the NBI® Assessment?

Dr Kobus Neethling, an award-winning and internationally renowned leader in the fields of whole brain thinking and creative behaviour, developed the NBI® assessment. He is the President of the South African Creativity Foundation and holds six degrees in the identification and development of creative behaviour.

For over a century, researchers have focused on gaining deeper insight into the functioning of the four-quadrant brain. Dr Neethling’s research extended the concept of the whole brain; he found that there were eight dimensions instead of only four.

The eight dimensions are a revolutionary aspect of the NBI® as they provide greater insight into elements within each of the four quadrants. This allows for a more thorough interpretation of an individual’s thinking preferences.

The NBI® assessment is a 30-question diagnostic survey that indicates your personal thinking preferences. Your thinking preferences influence the way you communicate, make decisions, solve problems and manage those around you. Understanding your thinking preferences can give you a new perspective on yourself and those you interact with every day.

NBI® for you

“How you think, affects everything you do.” The NBI assessment offers our clients an opportunity to thoroughly understand themselves through understanding their thinking preferences.

Understanding self is at the core of the coaching and teaching at Routes Coaching. This insight can then bolster your uniqueness, and be a starting point for covering any areas where you may be working against yourself.

NBI® for your company

The current world of work depends more on the right people than physical or tangible resources than ever before. A business’s success lies in its ability to harness the skills, knowledge and insight of its people. Insight into personal thinking preferences can put your business ahead in business.

About Debbie Wheal

Hi, I’m Debbie Wheal, and my mission and passion is to let you see your true value.

I have nearly 30 years’ experience in marketing and professional coaching. In 2014, I merged my extensive marketing experience with my avid interest in people. My mission is to guide you towards self-awareness and true understanding.

As an accredited NBI® (Neethling Brain Instruments) practitioner, I help my clients understand their thinking preferences, and why they react, behave and communicate the way they do. With this style of coaching, I aim to enhance your interpersonal skills; be it within business or personal relationships.