Client feedback

I have been working a long time, and even though I thought I really knew myself, the NBI® assessment and feedback brought home strongly the realisation that firstly I should not convince people to think the way I do – I am paid for the unique things I bring, and secondly we’re never too old to learn about ourselves. Self-awareness is probably the most important thing we have. This provoked more thought and some changes that may happen.  If others knew a little of this, they would equally not have unrealistic expectations of me behaving like a detail-oriented accountant. The NBI® report was very accurate and highly insightful.
Mark Schwartz
Business Owner | The Treasury Counsel
I recently did the NBI® assessment with Debbie and she so accurately pinpointed my preferences. The assessment itself is a wonderful scientific methodology to evidence, in a consistent way, the various different thinking preferences of people. The NBI® assessment, along with the post-assessment coaching session with Debbie, assisted me to understand why I do things a particular way, and also why my way of working works well with some members in the team and less so with others. Being aware of the various preferences has the potential to increase team productivity by playing more to each team member’s strengths and to learn how to adjust one’s approach to get more out of team members with a different working preference. Thank you Debbie for sharing your insights and guiding me to become more effective in my role!
Susan Kruger
Senior Manager | Deloitte
Debbie is an amazing coach. Her ability to understand the person you are and the person you want to be is incredible. After every step of my journey with Debbie, I could leave with something that I could implement and see the benefit of immediately; in my professional and personal life. She helped me to identify and celebrate the positives, and work on my negatives when it came to my personal brand. Debbie's accreditation as a NBI ®  Practitioner also gave me further insight into understanding myself and how I could best utilise my strengths in the corporate world. She inspired me to become the leader and mentor that I wish I had earlier on in my career. I can, without a shadow of a doubt, recommend Debbie and her coaching.
Dipan Gowan
Senior Manager | Deloitte
Debbie, of Routes Coaching, offers an ideal programme to help one evaluate and develop their personal brand within their career and company. She provides tools that enable one to reflect and unpack core working values, strategize and create goals, as well as focus on creating sustainable balanced working habits that will contribute to the realization of those goals. Her accreditation as a Neethling Brain Instrument (NBI) Practitioner, further enables the added benefit profiling tools that test thinking preferences. This offers one the ideal opportunity to gain a deep understanding of their subconscious thinking preferences and engage on how such preferences and strengthens can be applied within a team/ corporate environment to maximize on each individual’s strengths. Working with Deb is always upbeat and enjoyable and I can highly recommend her to anyone wanting to take active steps to excelling in their career.
Jason van Wyk
Manager | Deloitte